Nine subsidiary companies from TPK Group become 2013 Xiamen Key Industrial Enterprises

On March 15th, 2013, Xiamen EDB (Economic Development Board) released a notice related to 2013’s Key Industrial Enterprises.

To promote Xiamen Industrial economic development, Xiamen EDB will carry out inspections on the key industrial enterprises in Xiamen. The proposed key industrial enterprises must be approved by Xiamen EDB and be found in compliance with Xiamen EDB’s minimum criteria in the following categories: manufacturing industrial products; possessing high technology levels; good economic benefits and good development prospects; and related standards of business scale and other indicators. Xiamen EDB will provide prompt coordinator service for the key industrial enterprises. To study each company’s situation and difficulties of the enterprises, Xiamen EDB will work to form to a contact window for appointed persons in appointed places. Xiamen EDB will visit the Key industrial enterprises and review statistical forms and other documents handed in by those enterprises. Xiamen EDB will also provide other support for the key industrial enterprises such as providing technical reform, assessing key security factors, and influencing government supportive policy.

The Notice lists all of the 2013 Key Industrial Enterprises. Nine subsidiary companies from TPK Group have been notified, they are:

TPK Touch Solutions (Xiamen) Inc.

TPK Touch Systems (Xiamen) Inc.

Ray-Star Technology (Xiamen) Inc.

TPK Glass Solutions (Xiamen) Inc.

TPK Lens Solutions (Xiamen) Inc.

Optera Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd

Jin Jia (Xiamen) Optoelectronic Technologies Limited

Ray-Star System Solutions (Xiamen) Inc.

Ray-Star Optical (Xiamen) Inc.